Women’s exclusion from decision making and its processes is a deeper concern for Initiatives: Women In Development (IWID) . Women’s qualitative participation in Governance is of critical importance – indeed it is a recognition of their right to speak and to be heard. Involving women, women’s groups and social movements in defining policies and processes contributes towards promotion of Sustainbale Development and Gender Just society. Women Parliament is an experiencing space for women to adopt parliamentary procedures and to address any issue comprehensively within Constitutional Framework from Women’s perspective. To make the process inclusive and collaborative, IWID organized a series of planning meeting, Training of Trainers, Trainings & workshops for women from all walks of life. This process prepared women to address issues of concern in Legislative Assembly and Parliament. The process took place all over India for over 2 years.  The Women Parliament - 2015 was organized by Initiatives: Women in Development (IWID) in collaboration with over 150 Women Organizations of India and Amity Institute of Social Sciences  at the Amity University, Noida from 20th May – 22nd May 2015. Over 600 women delegates from diverse backgrounds -farmers, social workers, students, academicians, professionals, activists from 22 States  of  India  participated. This was indeed a training space and live-in experience for women to reflect on the critical issues confronting their lives and society.  The budget centered around the concept of Gross National Happiness.  The delegates presented well developed policies with innovative schemes. Download the details report from 'Downloads-Reports' Section.

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