IWID takes up action-oriented and participatory research to look critically into ongoing debates about different development programmes and concepts. The empirical data, statistics researchand the findings of such studies throw light on existing realities through a gender lens and the recommendations facilitates interventions at policy and implementation levels.

Using a women-centered and gender -sensitive frame and with empowerment of women as strategic vision, IWID, to date, has completed a few major research studies .

Reports available

Micro credit based SHGs and women’s empowerment—A study on microcredit intervention in three southern states of India

The State Response to Women’s Health in the era of health programmes in the era of globalization- An analysis of selected World Bank projects in three southern states of India

NGO’s accountability on gender issues—A study of 99 NGOs in three states in India. This report highlights gender issues that are reflected in the organizations structure, policy and programmes

Sterilization– The health concerns of women and gender dynamics

Irula women— A study report on one of the most marginalized community women in Tamil Nadu

Judicial Gender Bias in Rape cases

On going Research

Understanding masculinity in relation to violence on women— A cross cultural study.

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