Brief Introduction

Media as a power tool of the current world influences attitudes, behavior , values of individuals and society. Media at hands of creators of male fantasies negatively influences individuals and masses against women. IWID develops media to dismantle the male fantasy and picturises the reality with a alternative vision.


Documentary film and multi media production

IWID produce documentary films and multi media kit to highlight issues concerning women and marginalized people.
IWID extends its support to the organizations or group by making video film on the themes that they request. It may be on their activity, programmes or issues.                                                                                                                                                           


Capacity and Equipments

  1. Cam-corders
  2. Video edit suit
  3. Efficient media team

IWID Initiatives

‘Gender Bender’ - Gender glossary in multi media.

‘Doob’ (submergence) a documentary film on displacement issue of sardar sarovar dam project.

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