tsunamiGiven the complexity and the enormity of the challenges posed by Tsunami disaster, IWID plunged into relief and rehabilitation process with a gender perspective. IWID expanded its scope of work towards pilot initiatives. In fact our convictions guided our efforts towards the dream project of creating alternatives which challenges the inequalities and social injustices.

Tsunami- Relief & Rehabilitation—the community intervention

IWID’s response to the Tsunami catastrophe was quick as from the very first day it launched itself in a full scale relief work within its limited capacities. IWID’s strength and capacities lies in looking at the disaster from a gender perspective with Rights based approach. IWID, involved in the process of rebuilding the lives of the affected, with special emphasis on women’s concern. The issues of ’neglected women headed families’ lack of compensation & rehabilitation to women, the effects of trauma and compulsion of recanalisation on women are a few important issues IWID highlighted in various NGO, national and international and UN platforms.

Moreover, IWID initiated a pilot project in two fishing villages named ‘Venpurusham and Kokilimedu’ near Chennai. This project aimed at strengthening women through building assets for them. The fishing nets were given to women on the basis that they can earn rent for it. This intervention helped single women and added their earning sources. To reduce the burden of carrying heavy fish baskets for kilometers, IWID brought autos for fish sellers women after forming associations for them. The selected fisher women were taught to drive and mend autos. This is the pioneering efforts for this community and it enhanced their life-style. confidence and esteem.

IWID worked intensely in the tsunami-affected villages in Mamallapuram. Fisherwomen, driving 3 wheelers challenging the notions of patriarchy was a break through in the lives of women who were marginalized for several decades. The blooming of confidence, courage, a spirit of struggle and challenge is noted as a process towards positive change.







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