library-booksInformation is a power that has to be shared with marginalized section is the motto of IWID. We systematically gather, document and bring out dossiers, book-lets. Posters and CDs to share with.

Our Resource Centre

IWID collects, compiles, critically analyses and disseminates issue based information, gathered from widest possible range of materials, including periodicals, unpublished and published articles, reports, papers, books, films, posters, and other documents produced by different groups at the state, national and international levels, to NGOs on policies and programs that directly and indirectly influence the marginalised groups, especially women. Integral to its documentation activities is the production of newsletters, research reports, training reports, training manuals, booklets CD-ROMs and posters on a variety of topics related to Gender and Development.


IWID library at Chennai is a reflection of the pace of change and growth that has taken place within the organization. The increase in the volume of books that amounts to more than 10,000 and articles (both published and unpublished) has enriched the usage of information by various groups like journalists, NGO workers, academicians, researchers, activists and students.


Published Books Language
The Right to freedom of expression English
Bitter Truth -The plight of dalits in India English
The role of women in political processes English
Globalisation and Women Tamil
WTO and its implications in India English
War on Women in conflict zones English
Impact of special economic zones English
Sexual Harassment at workplace English
Indian Women Health charter Tamil&Telugu
Domestic violence act 2005 Tamil
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