IWID’s deep involvement with the campaigns on issues of critical concern sharpens its critical understanding of the issues as well as paves its way for an ever widening networking and linkages with the national and international forums. Our campaigns have aimed at creating visibility on the issues of violence against women.. IWID in partnership with other NGOs, Peoples movement and Government has facilitated systematic integration of grassroots voices in the lobbying & Advocacy process.Participating in the campaigns is a way of affirming IWID’s commitment towards striving for gender justice and peace by resisting and raising its voice against the forces responsible for exploitation and marginalisation of the vulnerable groups.



IWID believes that a strong and effective network is the bedrock of strong and effective participation. It is through such networks that communities and NGOs alike can voice their concern, learn from others and share their knowledge. IWID’s networking illustrates its spirit of solidarity and reaching out to various organizations and for a, local, national and international, to contribute to the cause of a peaceful and gender just society.

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